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Food Prepare Agreement

The following food preparation agreement is hereby entered ______

Cell Phone
Address - Location
Arrival Time 

Hereinafter referred to as “Client”, AND

Phyllis Franks (Carolina Kitchen and Pantry), hereinafter referred to as
Personal Chef”, of Winston-Salem, NC.

Client and Personal Chef agree as follows:

1. TERM: Client and Personal Chef agree that this agreement between the parties is for food service that shall commence on, XXX , 2021. Said agreement may be extended and/or renewed by agreement of all parties in writing thereafter.

2. Event Details:
a. Guests Count X guest @ $XX
b. Travel cost $XX Gratuity is not included GRAND TOTAL $XXX

  c. Guests with special dietary N/A  

d. Client agrees to a final guest count 3 days grace period prior to the event.
e. All specific services to be provided are contained in the proposal provided by Phyllis Franks. 

3. Date Charge and Reservation: Client shall agree to pay a non-refundable charge to secure the date of the event. The Date Charge is a non-refundable charge to the Personal Chef for removing the date/time slot from availability from other potential clients. The payment is non-refundable, but is transferable up to 3 months from Contract Execution Date.

4.  Client agrees to a Date Booking Deposit Charge $XX

The date booking fee is calculated as:  50 (fifty) percent.

The Date Charge and Reservation is due on contract signing and the date/time slot will be taken off the market the day the payment is received. 

The Date Charge and Reservation is offered with a “soft” 24-hour hold. Deposit must be paid within 24 hours of contract delivery executed date, or the date and time slot will be available to another interested party.

Deposit payable by CashApp ($CKPantry) or Venmo (@Phyllis-Franks-2) or by Debit/credit card – call 336-926-4578. Final payment can be made in cash, card or approved app.

5. Settlement of Balance due: Balance due to Personal Chef by client shall be the TOTAL event contract costs, including state and local sales taxes where applicable, less the Date Charge and any further deposits made on the contract account.

a. Client agrees to pay Personal Chef all monies due and payable no later than
  day of the scheduled event, unless otherwise agreed upon by the client and Personal Chef in writing and attached to this contract.

_X___ Client agrees to pay the additional amount of $85 for each additional guest if the count is raised within the 3 days grace period. A rise in the guest count after the grace period is NOT guaranteed service.

5. Additional Services: Client agrees to pay for any and all additional services requested by the client, e.g. rental of equipment, and all supplies; set up of rental equipment, refuge removal, plates, utensils, etc. Additional services requested shall be included and added to the proposal where time permits. Verbal modification by the client the day of the event will be included on the settlement bill.

Duties of the Personal Chef:

Service shall include Purchase, Preparation and Service of the food items:




Duties of the Client:
a. Client agrees to provide a suitable contracted facility for Personal Chef to perform duties required for the number of guests expected. Client agrees to arrange for, or personally provide access to said facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up and preparation prior to the event. Client acknowledges responsibility for any and all liability arising from rental and use of said facility.

b. Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the rental equipment or property used during the event.
c. Client agrees to full responsibility of all financial arrangements provided for above.
d. Client agrees that a reversal on a credit card charge or CashApp/Venmo will not be allowed, and that if reversal does occur the Client is liable for 2 times the originally charged amount, as well as any chargeback fees and all other costs incurred by the Personal Chef, including but not limited to, collection of the debt, bank charges, check charges, etc.

e. Client is responsible for plates, utensils, napkins, glassware of all kinds, tables, tablecloths, decorations, beverages etc. Plates, napkins, utensils drinks, etc.

f. All pets of the client or guest must be secured in another room or area away from the cooking and serving areas while the Chef and other staff are present in the home. This is for the safety of your pets and the staff.

Inclement weather policy

Mass electricity or heat outages, including at client’s location or CKPantry business location
Certain temperature extremes (if the National Weather Service lists frostbite or heat warnings, employees should stay home)
Weather that shuts down or impacts mass transportation services in your area
Travel warnings closures and/or evacuation rulings from government officials

Arbitration: Failure of either the Client or Personal Chef to comply with the agreements set forth in this Agreement shall make the party liable for damages to the affected party. Any claim by either party for such damages shall be presented in writing to the other party within 5 days past the event date. Both parties agree to obtain an arbitrator or mediator should a dispute arise.

Obligation of Heirs and Assigns: The terms of this Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs and assigns of both parties.

Deposit payable by CashApp ($CKPantry) or Venmo (@Phyllis-Franks-2) or by Debit/credit card – call 336-926-4578. Final payment can be made in cash, card or approved app

Delivery and Contract Executed on this X/XX//2021 _.

Phyllis Franks, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Personal Chef

Client: Deposit paid in lieu of signature

Mileage ____________one way
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